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Emotional Curiosity

25 Aug

Knock knock jokes in my opinion have always been corny to me.  Although taking a different look at them you may become somewhat enlightened.  For ex. Knock knock.  Who’s there?  Me. Me who? (exactly)   Who are we?  No really who are we?  What do we want out of life?  Is the answer: love, prosperity, understanding or is it all of the above?  One thing I’ve grown to understand is we’re either seeking or we desire to be loved.  With that being said we need to understand the four variations of love.  In which they consist of: Agape, Eros, Philia and Storge.  Agape is basically an unconditional, sacrificial and a selfless type of love.  It’s also the highest of the four.  Eros is an erotic love (the physical and sensual side of love that should take place between a man and his wife).  Philia is a brotherly love and Storge is the natural love and affection a parent has for their child.  While trying to understand who we are individually you will discover many scapegoats and magnetic forces.  These forces are sometimes embedded deeply within and sometimes they can be self created.  What I’m trying to say is, the lack of any type of love could cause curiosity to take place in your life.  The need for something that you don’t even fully understand or recognize could create hunger pains that were knowledgeless to fulfill.  The actual appetite that’s created in this process is exactly what gives birth to scapegoating.  We often find or come up with ways to move around or search in our emotional lost and found database.  Often the reasons we come up with are nothing more than love mirages (something that looks and seems more promising but it only appears that way because we’re basing our love on its current emotional event).  Discovering what literally makes you happy will save you a lot of: time, money, and pain.  Because usually when you’re wasting too much time with someone, spending too much money on someone (more than you are for yourself) or you’re experiencing too much pain because of someone.  Those particular events tend to expedite the moving on phase.  With all of that being said knowing and understanding who we are individually should be every ones pride and joy.  Regardless to whether you’re single or not.  You’ll never discover something in someone that you haven’t found within yourself.  Being patient in understanding ourselves is our main source of help.