Archive | June, 2013

Marco Polo

23 Jun

Have you ever felt like something was missing but you really couldn’t put your finger on it?  The definitive search to find yourself alone is such a journey within itself.  Its even more difficult to find the counter balance of who you are within someone.  I’ve always looked at the pre-relationship stages (the time prior to you dating or courting someone) as the time in life in which we should be on the job training so to speak.  At this particular time in our lives we should be: modifying, criticing and improving ourselves in all categories of life.  On the opposite end your potential should be doing the same.  Basically if this were to take place.  The only true task at hand would be co-existing in the same work environment.  As long as the potential couple can manage to do each individual assignment and the quote on quote group assignments together  with some sort of cohesiveness, everything should be ok.   Don’t get me wrong,  there’s always gonna be trouble beyond the horizon but we shouldn’t expect it.  We should always have a “Promising Happiness” mindset so to speak.  Doubt is like a yeast that makes its way though your emotional batch of dough.  It can target your heart while shooting directly at your mind.  The question of whether you’re actually questioning your situation or if this is who you really want will constantly linger.  We as a people will always have: likes, dislikes, dreams and fears.  But the reality of the situation in my eyes, is the fear of losing control.  To me that’s the biggest challenge when it comes to falling in love.  I believe that the act of falling in love involves not only sacrifice but also you losing control.  Since we go through each and everyday of our lives trying to control every aspect of it.  We often forget how to allow faith to guide us.  Love is faith within itself, because you never know how long its gonna last or what’s gonna happen during the process of it.  In the end, all you really have is a feeling that you don’t wanna let go of and that particular feeling can either manifest or digress.  According to your effort / belief and time that you’re willing to invest in it.  Throughout the span of a lifetime our hearts will run many races in which it will come in: second, third or even last place.  But there’s always a gold medal with your name inscribed on it.  We just have to be willing to train well before each track meet.