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Love Recognition

11 Feb

I have always been fascinated with the fact that babies recognize their mother’s voice and the way their mother’s feel (even in the dark).  One of my friends told me that his son would rub his chest to see if he was the mother or not.  The baby boy was only 5mths at the time but he still realized which parent was willing to rock him to sleep all night.  While I toiled over these events and a few more, a light bulb in my brain lit up. A lot of people have certain criteria or characteristics in which someone must fall into to become a potential mate.  Its almost as if we have designed a love prototype in our minds and if the person that’s trying to draw our attention doesn’t meet the schematic.  They basically get waived from the trial process of our heart’s.  I can recall many of the cartoon movies that reached out to the young girls of my generation. (Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc.)  My point is, a lot of people have predetermined qualities based on: other people relationships, things they’ve heard from family / friends or even things they’ve seen on TV.  The only blueprint that we have on what love really is, is the way Christ walked this earth.  In fact we as a people didn’t realize his worth or what he meant to us in the process of him dwelling with us.  So how can we determine the exact description of what love is suppose to look like?  Love is a conglomerate of emotions that evolve with: vulnerability, experiences and faith.  There’s no way to put a picture to it or rationalize that particular way of thinking when it comes to meeting it head on.  Hypothetically speaking, if the same babies were born and the parents were switched after the birthing process.  The babies would grow up loving their new parents as if they were the original ones.  Love isn’t prerecorded in our minds, its a reality tv series starring our heart’s.