Emotional Road Rage

18 Dec

I’ve never been one to have road rage.  Sure I’ve been in many: traffic jams, I’ve been cut off in the fast lane, I’ve nearly been ran off the road, people have ran lights and almost hit me but even with all of that being said I’ve never reacted negatively towards any of it.  A lot of people believe that we control karmas’ destiny when it comes to one another.  Meaning if someone hurts or harm’s us that we should speed up that particular persons consequence, rather than wait on life to take its course.  I’ve never known love to have peripheral vision.  Love doesn’t take the time to see what’s happening on the sideline, it simply stays focused on the task that’s ahead of it.  Which tells me that we shouldn’t look for something to be wrong or even react in a negative manner simply because of a bump on the road.  We as a people tend to lack what I call emotional patience.  We need to understand that people go through all types of emotional climaxes before they even become apart of our lives and there’s no way of knowing the different ways in which they’ve dealt with them.  We just have to try to be patient enough and understanding to know that sometimes lights are gonna be red in different emotional situations.  Just because the lights or other relationships that are parallel to you seem to stay green a lot longer than yours, that doesn’t mean you’re not gonna have an opportunity to move forward when your light turns green.  You just have to wait until its your turn to go.  With that being said, some lights are going to be yellow and we all know what that means.  Try not to create a cautious environment just because you’re on emotional crutches or braces that you’ve received from a previous relationship.  Maybe that’s Gods way of telling you that you should walk towards love and slow down.  It could be his way of saying slow down and stop speeding in a school zone.  Especially if you’re dealing with an emotional child (emotionally impotent) instead of an opened hearted adult.  Sometimes there are roads in our lives that aren’t made to be traveled on.  Sure it may seem like its a direct path towards your potential destination but our path isn’t always the path that the Lord has prepared for us.  With that being said he may send a car your direction (some type of sign) to alter your speed, help you change lanes or to create some type of detour.  When this takes place we shouldn’t: curse, worry or fret because in the end he’s preventing accidents from taking place.


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