Emotional Boomerang

14 Sep

As a kid I was raised by my mother and my step father. During those foundation years of my life. I heard a lot of negativity concerning my biological father. I even experienced him breaking many promises on a regular basis. It would seem that after so long I would’ve gave up on him or lost faith in the matter in its entirety. But the truth is, I was extremely elated every time I saw the old man. Those events made me ask myself. “Do emotions really go away?” Or do we just bury them under walls of defense mechanisms? I’ve dated a few women in my life and some of my relationships were extremely bad. However, some of them were pretty good. Some ended simply because of small details that me and my counterpart were both being very stubborn over. Usually when two people are going through a break up caused by irreconcilable differences and both parties blame one another. There’s a lot of tongue bashing, they claim the other person is the problem and then they work on moving on. It’s funny how easy it is to forget someone when: there’s no visual contact, no calls or texts being exchanged but it’s an entirely different matter when you come into contact with someone. When you lock eyes or even hug that person. As simple as it sounds, those things can magically trigger feelings that have been subsiding for quite sometime. I believe that we sometimes cheat on our hearts with our minds. Meaning we over think situations and draw conclusions from it. In the process of us doing so we involve our emotions. Causing us to break our own hearts along the way. Everyone says they wanna find someone that’s gonna be 100% honest with them. My question is, “when will we ever take the time out to be honest with ourselves?”


One Response to “Emotional Boomerang”

  1. julie February 16, 2013 at 6:02 am #

    I love your honesty. Self awareness is sadly rare

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