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Understanding how today effects tomorrow

22 Aug

Throughout my life I’ve bottled up enough emotions to quench love’s thirst for a lifetime.  There are many paths down lovers journey but only one determines your personal happiness.  Events transpire and leave wounds that time will never heal.  Grieving over yesterday limits your tomorrow, since we only have one life to live.  Why do we fight love more often than we do temptation?  Allowing lust to work overtime while our hearts are on vacation.  My Great Grandma died when I was 19.  Her death alone caused my heart to stop.  Shortly after her death I started seeking her replacement in my heart.  Not knowing I was seeking something that I just so happened to be scared of, at that point in my life.  Anytime someone potentially entered my emotional atmosphere, my defense mechanisms went to work.  Finding any and everything wrong with that person.  For the sole purpose of so-called protecting me.  During this particular stage in my life I blamed every one besides myself.  Instead of me realizing that I was the problem, I steadily moved from one chick to the next.  I also ran into a few women whom stated that prior to their last relationship, they were not the person in which they are currently.  I’ve never understood why the people that do the right things in relationships, decide to alter their methods or approach.  Whoever your mate was at the time just didn’t work out.  I’ve worked plenty of jobs and I can’t recall either one changing their policies or mission statements, based on a bad worker.  They simply fired the person and held interviews to fill that position.  We should all work on remembering the lesson and forgetting the pain, because you’ll never know if today was your last tomorrow.