Eviction Notice

27 Jul

While driving down the street the other day a cop pulled me over.  He followed normal protocol by asking for my license and insurance.  Vehicle-wise everything was ok.  Meaning my registration, inspection sticker and even my insurance were all up to date.  My problem was my address on my license didn’t match my current address.  This particular incident caused my mind to wonder.  A lot of people’s emotions and hearts are still with people that evicted them in the past.  Anytime my parents decided to move when I was a child.  We packed up all of our valuables and if we did leave something.  It was because we no longer wanted or valued it.  I don’t ever recall us going back to see the most recent occupants or anything of that nature.  Whenever you move or move on, visiting the past isn’t called for.  Simply because presently you’re in a new situation.  In fact the only reason my father went back to any old property, was to collect rent.  Why do people allow tenants to rent their emotions and in turn pay them back with: loneliness, sorrow, pain, suffering, depression, etc.  Never allow someone to have a tight grip on your life or be able to dictate future relationship statuses.  Usually when people pick up and move.  The reasoning circumvents around: going to a better neighborhood, increase in pay so they find a better place to stay, or maybe there’s a cheaper spot that happens to be better than the current one.  Either way all of those options points towards improving your personal situation.  So why when we move on from someone we choose to: keep our tears in a bad neighborhood, our hearts in a construction zone, our emotions chained up in the backyard?  Before the officer let me go with a warning I asked him.  “why am I required to update my new address on my license”?  His response was “so we’ll know how to find you”.  We should always be able to locate our own hearts, because you never know when cupids gonna decide to pick up his next arrow.


2 Responses to “Eviction Notice”

  1. Antoinette Green July 30, 2012 at 9:17 pm #

    I’m loving this unique twist on love. Never thought of this type of association. I’m feeling this. Good job bro!

  2. Marie December 3, 2012 at 11:10 pm #

    Wow, I needed this thank you and well said.

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