Casualties of Love

13 Jul

As a kid I can recall going to numerous weddings.  Out of all the ones I attended, only two couples are still currently married.  I remember asking myself, why do these so called “love filled relationships” fall victim to tragedy?  With age and experience a few possibilities sort of just fell in my lap.  One major problem men have with women is stress, in which there are many variations of it.  Constant complaining, the need for us to drastically change and so forth.  I believe stress will cause a man to cheat or his emotions to wonder faster than anything else.  A man’s life is lived or carried out a lot differently than a woman’s.  Whether its: being ridiculed by the cops, under constant pressure at the workplace, the normal pressures of trying to be a better man or simply just trying to be better than our fathers.  All of these things transpire on a daily basis and that doesn’t even include coming home to deal with the misses.  I’m a firm believer that the person you’re in a relationship with is suppose to ease your burdens or stress levels, not add onto them.  Some women are naturally hard to talk to and that doesn’t improve the situation.  Especially when their man is emotionally impotent.  Women are taught to talk about their problems and men are taught to hold theirs in or handle them on their own.  One thing I always tell every female acquaintance of mines is.  “Always allow your man to freely express his emotions with you”.  Because a man isn’t gonna openly express his feelings for you to another man.  It’s gonna be a female that he professes his emotions to and what woman in her right mind wouldn’t find that attractive.  There are many exits and detours we come across while driving down lovers lane.  One key to avoiding them is to not cause any traffic delays or jams along the way.


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