Archive | July, 2012

Eviction Notice

27 Jul

While driving down the street the other day a cop pulled me over.  He followed normal protocol by asking for my license and insurance.  Vehicle-wise everything was ok.  Meaning my registration, inspection sticker and even my insurance were all up to date.  My problem was my address on my license didn’t match my current address.  This particular incident caused my mind to wonder.  A lot of people’s emotions and hearts are still with people that evicted them in the past.  Anytime my parents decided to move when I was a child.  We packed up all of our valuables and if we did leave something.  It was because we no longer wanted or valued it.  I don’t ever recall us going back to see the most recent occupants or anything of that nature.  Whenever you move or move on, visiting the past isn’t called for.  Simply because presently you’re in a new situation.  In fact the only reason my father went back to any old property, was to collect rent.  Why do people allow tenants to rent their emotions and in turn pay them back with: loneliness, sorrow, pain, suffering, depression, etc.  Never allow someone to have a tight grip on your life or be able to dictate future relationship statuses.  Usually when people pick up and move.  The reasoning circumvents around: going to a better neighborhood, increase in pay so they find a better place to stay, or maybe there’s a cheaper spot that happens to be better than the current one.  Either way all of those options points towards improving your personal situation.  So why when we move on from someone we choose to: keep our tears in a bad neighborhood, our hearts in a construction zone, our emotions chained up in the backyard?  Before the officer let me go with a warning I asked him.  “why am I required to update my new address on my license”?  His response was “so we’ll know how to find you”.  We should always be able to locate our own hearts, because you never know when cupids gonna decide to pick up his next arrow.


Casualties of Love

13 Jul

As a kid I can recall going to numerous weddings.  Out of all the ones I attended, only two couples are still currently married.  I remember asking myself, why do these so called “love filled relationships” fall victim to tragedy?  With age and experience a few possibilities sort of just fell in my lap.  One major problem men have with women is stress, in which there are many variations of it.  Constant complaining, the need for us to drastically change and so forth.  I believe stress will cause a man to cheat or his emotions to wonder faster than anything else.  A man’s life is lived or carried out a lot differently than a woman’s.  Whether its: being ridiculed by the cops, under constant pressure at the workplace, the normal pressures of trying to be a better man or simply just trying to be better than our fathers.  All of these things transpire on a daily basis and that doesn’t even include coming home to deal with the misses.  I’m a firm believer that the person you’re in a relationship with is suppose to ease your burdens or stress levels, not add onto them.  Some women are naturally hard to talk to and that doesn’t improve the situation.  Especially when their man is emotionally impotent.  Women are taught to talk about their problems and men are taught to hold theirs in or handle them on their own.  One thing I always tell every female acquaintance of mines is.  “Always allow your man to freely express his emotions with you”.  Because a man isn’t gonna openly express his feelings for you to another man.  It’s gonna be a female that he professes his emotions to and what woman in her right mind wouldn’t find that attractive.  There are many exits and detours we come across while driving down lovers lane.  One key to avoiding them is to not cause any traffic delays or jams along the way.

Invisible pleasures

5 Jul

The unseen and untold adventures of my heart varies in different situations.  Each stage or woman comes with various obstacles in which we encounter according to previous experiences.  My personal journey at the time is an emotional exploration, which is something I haven’t partaking in.  I’ve dealt with: promiscuous women, fun women, partially rich women, but never an emotionally open woman.  A new experience is always a risk within itself, because you never know if you’re gonna like or dislike it.  Although the smallest outbursts of emotional outcries intrigues my heart beyond anything I’ve ever imagined.  The difficulty in discovering someone that’s willing to take an emotional risk is as rare as discovering a UFO.  One reasoning behind this fact is.  People feel that if love hurts once  why attempt it again?  Usually during this particular mindset, they cherish their hearts more than their bodies.  Meaning its one thing to get my sex but don’t expect to get my heart along with it.  I believe the two things should go hand in hand, we should cherish our hearts and our bodies both equally.  Thinking like this, I know I have been in many situations that have caused tons of confusion. Even though some people cherish their hearts more, they still expect you to believe that they’re really into you just because they’re open in the bedroom.  I couldn’t disagree with this notion more.  We as people find it easy to do things in which a sacrifice isn’t involved in.  Those things come “a dime a dozen” with us.  On the contrary, sacrifices calls for: time, effort, etc.  All things that can potentially put you in an emotional let down predicament.  Sacrifice brings forward vulnerability.  There’s no such thing as a strong bond without vulnerability.  Any type of relationship that we’re in whether its: a friendship, boy or girlfriend, etc.  All of these require vulnerability according to the strength or significance of it.  Meaning the more vulnerable you are the more you care.  The more you care the bigger the risk of you being hurt.  The cliche that best describes this is “no pain no gain”.  In other words the way to my heart, is not through my stomach.  It’s a straight emotional path, following your emotional gps will lead you directly to it.

Emotional glimpses

2 Jul

True love is something that everyone wants out of life, but sometimes we have to settle for temporary happiness, or glimpses of it.  There’s been many occasions in my life, in which I experienced moments that I wanted to last forever, yet I knew the time was approaching its end.  The belief or hope that we have in our hearts internal happiness drives us, and sometimes we end up on a crash course with love.  While driving down the street yesterday I noticed a man speeding, seemed as if he wouldn’t miss one light.  In the end he was in the turning lane and I passed him up.  That made me realize sometimes we have to take our time. Sure speeding will seem like you’re getting somewhere fast,  but what happens when the light turns red, will your lack of patience hurry you to leave?   Have you ever had someone in your life that you wanted to hold on to forever, but the situation you were in with that person didn’t allow it to happen?   How often do we cheat love?  How many love crimes have we committed throughout the course of our lives?  I know that I am guilty of this. The pleasure of experiencing something that you’re yearning for, but may not be fully ready for or other things in your counterparts life prohibit you from it.  I ask myself all the time “is it really worth it?” Though my heart grows fond when it comes to love everyday, I try to urge it not to overreact or take off at the starting line. Once it sees a potential emotional destination, because I would hate to be in first place only to be overcame by pain. There’s so much love in our hearts, those beautiful moments in which we’ll never forget (glimpses of love), are just flirtation with temptation without renovations.