10 Jun

The bipartisanship struggle of relationships when it comes to us evolving, deals with the desire and will of our hearts (combined with the actions provided from it).  It’s funny how simple changes in the human DNA structure or DNA chemistry can take hundreds of years to grasp, but yet in still we expect rapid change to occur when we discover fault, within a potential counterpart.  Life presents us with many mysteries in which the solving of them requires more than just a single persons approach or wits.  Think about it, everything in which our bodies consist of have a dominant twin to counterbalance it (our noses have two nostrils, we have two hands, feet, two legs, two sides of our heart, two sides to our brain).  The part of the body that stands out to me is our spinal cord, in which we only have one, and without it we can’t even stand.  In fact it has one of the most serious functions in our body besides: water, our brain and our heart.  If our spinal cord is damaged, it doesn’t matter how good your legs are, you may never walk again, according to the significance of the injury.  That tells me that a relationship needs something to stand on or at least hold it upright.  Sometimes certain flaws might effect the way you look at someone, but if the relationship is still holding up strong, give it more than just a few days or weeks.  Change is a drastic process, and there are a lot of things that play its part in keeping it from taking place.  All we can do is, be that extra calcium for the bones to grow stronger.  The Aorta when there isn’t enough blood pumping in the relationship.  Just because the part it suppose to play isn’t working to your agreement, doesn’t mean it should be fixed, maybe it just needs certain necessities or nourishments to help it thrive.


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