How do you know if she’s the right one?

9 Jun

Hmmmm…….. Now this is a question that even the great Aristotle couldn’t answer.  For the past two days I’ve randomly asked people at my job, “how did you know she was the one”? The people I asked have all recently gotten married, and they were not ordinary men.  Well not in the sense of being unable to get the girl, if you know what I mean.  Throughout my journey with women, I found that a lot of the bad ones impersonate the good ones and visa versa.  So how can you really tell if you’ve found that special someone?  Even though I haven’t been blessed enough to locate this special person that correlates to all I’m looking for in a woman.  I believe I kind of know what that magical dust is that mysteriously sprinkles on us.  It’s called chemistry, as simple as that sounds.  I can remember being sixteen in high school, and my teacher would try his best to describe the periodic table to us.  Certain elements couldn’t even be in the same area with one another without a reaction taking place, some good and some harmful.  I figure that’s how it is with relationships, some people have sure fire “love at first sight” or whatever you wanna call it.  Others are basically headed towards the path of destruction.  Don’t get me wrong even good covalent bonds can be broken, but that’s why you have to dope certain elements to make them stronger.  I believe the doping can be a number of things:  your personal morality, faith, communication, your will, etc.  Hopefully one day I can elaborate even more and be a personal testament to this question.  Until then I’m leaning towards the subject that gave a lot of my close friends problems in school “Chemistry”.


One Response to “How do you know if she’s the right one?”

  1. Randalle Carter June 25, 2012 at 10:29 pm #

    Mr. Q that was a good read. You have always been talented. I miss your words. keep writing….Randieeeeee

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