The most difficult word in the dictionary “women”

8 Jun

It’s like being confused on your way towards insanity.  A mystery inside a mystery.  Most of them expect you to change and their change suppose to be the one that comes with patience / time.  Don’t get me wrong, the beauty of a woman’s heart when she’s not scorned is a work of art, but once that heart becomes jeopardized good luck.  That’s when the constant nagging and all other problematic sequences take place.  It’s funny how they believe that men are immune to emotional pain……… we just do a better job of concealing it.  If you really think about it, most of the time we as people get hurt, its because we put ourselves in situations in which we should’ve never been in.  So is it really the next person we come into contact with fault?  Either way I could go on and on, when it comes to this subject, but even that wouldn’t change my infatuation with women.  I guess a hard test always have been difficult to pass or maybe we’re just studying for it the wrong way?


4 Responses to “The most difficult word in the dictionary “women””

  1. Maria June 8, 2012 at 7:26 pm #

    It’s funny you use the word “dictionary” in your title. It’s all about language. We forget that it’s not just male and female, but each of us have our own language that we speak. If we don’t hear it, we don’t understand and even though we learn the language of others, if we don’t get a learn-return of our own, we start to feel like people really do not care. It’s like being in a foreign country and you’re a guest, but everyone is trying to change you into something that you’re not.
    I know of a couple where the man couldn’t speak English and the wife couldn’t speak Spanish, but over time, they both learned each others language and they’ve been together for 50 years now. It takes effort on both parts and learning about each other, not pulling from the past and taking information from what other broken hearts have told you.

    If you feel cared about by hearing words of kindness, and someone gives you kind words, then you thrive. If you feel cared about by people spending time with you, and they make time for you, then you thrive. If you feel cared about receiving gifts, and you get them, then you thrive.
    If no one cares to speak the language that helps you thrive, you do become upset and hard to deal with and take it out on others, including the “next person.” That’s when it becomes a domino effect and that person passes it on to another in the next relationship, and the next. On the other hand, if both people decide that they’re going to learn each other and consciously make that effort, then things shouldn’t get to a point of contention before they each recognize they need to do better…. and go back to speaking the right language…

  2. shelia June 10, 2012 at 1:26 am #

    Yes son women are very complexed, however when you meet the right one you’ll be able to love and cherish her. Remember love covers a multitude of faults.

  3. MzNaturalHigh June 16, 2012 at 11:59 pm #

    Women are complex but men are complex too. The same uncertainties you have about women, women have about men. The best way to overcome these barriers is to communicate. Most people don’t communicate their expectations of the relationship (friendship, dating, or otherwise). Then when it doesn’t go as planned (in their own minds) they get hurt because they had certain expectations and were let down. You can’t expect anyone male or female to automatically guess what you are thinking or need. When people learn to communicate effectively their potential to be hurt will be lessened. We are not perfect beings and even the best, most thoughtful and wonderful girlfriend will at some point let you down, but if she is operating under clear expectations at least she knows what she is supposed to try do. Men have to be willing to open up and communicate what they need too. Women may think men are emotionally immune to pain because they act emotionally unavailable. Maybe they are just going by what they see.

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