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Wanna get away?

28 Jun

I can recall being young and in a relationship, in which I wasn’t ready to be in yet.  I was still in my exploration stage when it comes to women.  During this relationship I found myself telling my significant other that I needed some “Me Time”.  Usually during this quote on quote “me time” I asked for, I spent it dealing with other chicks.  A few years later I started talking to a chick, now this chick was like no other that I’ve ever dealt with at the time.  So in this situation I wanted to spend all of my free time with her, even the time I would usually spend with my home boys.  I found myself wanting to do those activities with her.  I felt like a new person, and that’s when it hit me, I found myself asking the question.  Is there such a thing as “Me Time” when it comes to true love?  I asked around concerning this topic, and the consensus coming from the women was, sure it is. “As women we need to go get our hair done, or our nails done, and so forth”.  At this point I started to draw the conclusion that men and women speak two different languages, even when we’re saying the exact same thing.  We have two totally different meanings behind the phrases.  A woman can say I need some “me time” and actually do one of the things in which I stated above, but men would most likely be trying to free up some time for his side piece.  With that being said, men and women speak two totally different languages and the only true translator known to us is Love.


Are we there yet?

21 Jun

I remember as a kid, my dad would tell me and my little sister, we’re going to six flags in the morning.  The entire night I couldn’t get any rest.  The anticipation, the excitement, how eager I was, a feeling that can’t be described using words.  Is this only a childhood phase or does it resurface as an adult like emotion?  Have you ever met someone of the opposite sex and it seemed the chemistry was on fire.  The connection was so rare, that you couldn’t stop talking to or about that person.  You found yourself planning futuristic dates with this person, before you even went on your first one.  If you can relate to this feeling, you’ve experienced the honeymoon phase.  This is a phase that can sometimes effect your judgement, in good or bad ways.  The constant questioning of yourself: should I do this or that, am I allowed to say this, should I wait?   The butterflies in your stomach, all of these symptoms can make a person feel like they are in early signs of love.  In which it further trigger systematic reactions, that can either break or make your relationship.  But what happens when it isn’t what we hyped it up to be?  What becomes of all your personal excitement when the feeling isn’t mutual from your counter part?  Do they naturally believe you’re crazy, or that you’re forcing yourself to feel a certain way?  Do you end up losing all interest in this person once your emotions subside?  Hmmm, I may not be able to answer all of these questions, but I will say this.  Every time me and my little sister rode the first few rides and the day progressed.  Six Flags turned out to be a place that we’ve gone a few times a year, sure there were new rides every now and again, but overall it was a overrated experience that made us lose hours of sleep. 

Hatred towards love

19 Jun

We all go through heartaches and emotional devastation at some point in our lives, the key to getting through this is realizing love didn’t hurt you.  The person in which you were in love with did.  This is a very common mistake that usually effects all of us in one way or another.  Whether we’re on the receiving end or the giving end.  The bible says “God is love and love is God.” With that being said, the Lord has no focus in trying to hurt you.  In fact he helps us out when we’re in the process of hurting ourselves.  When you’re in the process of getting past or over someone, you have to understand the lesson and rid yourself of the pain.  Pain is a very shaky feeling, someone can be briefing you on something that happened ages ago, while crying like it took place a couple of days ago.  Usually the more vulnerable you are in any type of relationship, the more you allow yourself to open up towards someone.  With that being said, sometimes your vulnerability and the act of compromising, can end up decreasing your individuality.  So I believe there should always be a period in which we try to rediscover who we are as individuals.  “One persons trash can be anothers treasure.” What we consider a personal flaw, might be considered a turn on to the next person.  Our subconscious minds play a key role in guarding our hearts, but in the midst of it doing so, it doesn’t allow any love to enter or leave our hearts.  So actually you wanna be in love, but you’re scared of the risk.  These so called defense mechanisms create scapegoats for us emotionally.  I find it funny that Jesus never switched up his unconditional like love, because of the way people treated him. Yet we as people find ways to alter our love patterns because of a failed relationship.  At the end of the day our hearts are too important to keep it unhappy, one way of changing this is by allowing it to love.

Leaving Rome

13 Jun

An expression that’s understood by everyone at an early age, but it effects all of us at one point in life.  Is the cliche “when in Rome”, sounds so simple doesn’t it.  Yet that simple saying can prohibit you from:  love, your personal freedom, or even stop your potential future from taking place.  The need to feel connected or to be apart of something, is a constant thats given to human society.  In fact standing apart from the crowd can sometimes be harder than standing in the mix of it.  I’ve seen a lot of relationships in which there were more than just the couple involved in it.  Seems the real question should be, who do I give me to or who do I let win?  So how powerful is the need for connectivity?  My cell phone is basically dead without a signal, but it has an important feature called roaming.  It’s funny the two words sound the exact same way, Rome and roam.  Roaming is when your cell phone is receiving a signal from another companies tower.  In life sometimes we have to make the transition or the decision to either give all of our attention to friends, or to take a chance on love.  Don’t get me wrong sometimes they won’t intefere with one another.  Other times one signal causes inteference and it blocks out the other.  At the end of the day, Rome is usually when you’re standing in the same spot, and not moving forward.  Roaming is when you’re traveling outside of your normal coverage area, and sometimes you run into an even stronger signal. What kind of connection is powering you?

Eye on the prize

11 Jun

Now here is a cliche that circumvents the motivation behind your particular priority.  There has been countless situations that have occurred throughout the course of my life, in which my mindset at the time prohibited me from discovering potential happiness.  I’ve been out with friends on many occasions, and finding the right chick was the furthest thing from our mind.  Cause at the time we were loaded and only concerned with adding another notch to our belts.  That doesn’t necessarily mean that we were always in that state of mind, but I’m just pointing out the fact that it does come about every now and again.  Usually while in this state of mind, you can kind of tell which fish are gonna be harder to catch.  It’s funny how we can’t figure that same notion out outside of that setting, but that’s another story within itself.  My point is, if you’re focused on silver, you’re always gonna overlook gold.  Let’s all look in the mirror, just to clean / check our lenses.  Because sometimes the eye in our mind, dictates more for us than the two on our face.

Cleaning out your closet

11 Jun

Not in the traditional aspect but more along the lines of the junk in which we keep in our lives.  Whether it be considered: friends, things or whatever it may be, refraining us from elevating more in life.  I find it funny that as children we hate to hear our parents repeat things to us over and over.  That’s just something that gets on almost everyone’s nerves, but yet in still, we go through the same test in life over and over without understanding how to get pass that moment and move to the next one.  I’m also a victim of this merry go round, I’ve been victimized over and over, the bad part about it is, I know the outlaws causing this commotion.  It’s kind of hard to set yourself free If you’re allowing yourself to be shackled.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s no problems with having certain ties or connections in life, in fact sometimes that’s the only thing you can rely on.  With that being said, even the nicest looking tie, if its too tight around your neck, at that point you’re doing more harm than good.  Sometimes you either have to loosen it up or just remove the entire tie, just to allow yourself to breathe a little bit easier. 


10 Jun

The bipartisanship struggle of relationships when it comes to us evolving, deals with the desire and will of our hearts (combined with the actions provided from it).  It’s funny how simple changes in the human DNA structure or DNA chemistry can take hundreds of years to grasp, but yet in still we expect rapid change to occur when we discover fault, within a potential counterpart.  Life presents us with many mysteries in which the solving of them requires more than just a single persons approach or wits.  Think about it, everything in which our bodies consist of have a dominant twin to counterbalance it (our noses have two nostrils, we have two hands, feet, two legs, two sides of our heart, two sides to our brain).  The part of the body that stands out to me is our spinal cord, in which we only have one, and without it we can’t even stand.  In fact it has one of the most serious functions in our body besides: water, our brain and our heart.  If our spinal cord is damaged, it doesn’t matter how good your legs are, you may never walk again, according to the significance of the injury.  That tells me that a relationship needs something to stand on or at least hold it upright.  Sometimes certain flaws might effect the way you look at someone, but if the relationship is still holding up strong, give it more than just a few days or weeks.  Change is a drastic process, and there are a lot of things that play its part in keeping it from taking place.  All we can do is, be that extra calcium for the bones to grow stronger.  The Aorta when there isn’t enough blood pumping in the relationship.  Just because the part it suppose to play isn’t working to your agreement, doesn’t mean it should be fixed, maybe it just needs certain necessities or nourishments to help it thrive.